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Collaborate to greatly improve your business’ productivity

Communication has always been essential to the success of any business.

Today, more so than ever, your business needs to be agile to respond to customers day or night.  Your employees need to be equipped to handle a constant flow of queries across multiple channels, and they need to be dealt with quickly. In this digital age, faster response times can be a key differentiator, helping you stay ahead of the competition, stand out in a crowded market and get those critical positive reviews.

If you can effectively connect people, applications, clouds and networks, you can drastically transform how quickly and efficiently information is shared and responded to, satisfying your customers’ increasing demands as well as improving employee productivity and boosting your bottom line.

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Collaborate offers a way to do this, and it couldn’t be easier. 

Through an integrated platform offering services such as instant messaging, presence, voice, video, desktop / application sharing and document sharing, you can transform how your business communicates.  Driven through a set of end user applications for Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, it enables users to access this from their favourite devices, wherever they are.

Instant messaging

Video calling

Shows personal status, helping to define the best way to communicate

Ad hoc and planned conferencing

Hosted PBX features

Boosts business productivity

Improves workplace experience

Attracts next generation of candidates

Improve the effectiveness of meetings

Reduces business costs and complexity

Streamline IT operations

Better business agility

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