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Hosted Voice

Hosted telephony is technology that resides in the cloud and is sometimes referred to as cloud telephony or VoIP.

It can bring huge benefits for your business by greatly enhancing your efficiency and productivity all at a highly affordable price.  In fact, hosted telephony can cut your telephone bills by up to 30%.  Cost reduction is just one of the many benefits that hosted telephony can bring to your business. It is perfect for an increasingly mobile workforce and allows mobiles to be twinned to your desk phone, ensuring you never miss a call again. Call statistics mean that you can measure productivity and recognise when the busiest times of the day are so you can allocate appropriate resources.

Hosted telephony gives smaller businesses the opportunity to utilise technology that was once only available to larger organisations.

You pay on a per user basis so you only pay for what you need and is easy to add or remove users as you need it.  It is therefore fully scalable so will grow with your business.

Don’t let your business be held back by legacy technology.

Call us about switching to hosted telephony today and start experiencing the benefits immediately.

Free installation

Free maintenance

No upfront CAPEX

Free calls

Features you can easily control

An on demand service with no hidden costs

Enables mobility and flexibility

Increased productivity

Improved customer service

A business continuity and disaster recovery solution

Mobile twinning

Number choice - one number anywhere

Speak to us about our Hosted Voice solution today.

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