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If your business is still using traditional ISDN lines, you need to be ready for the change….

BT intend to stop selling their traditional ISDN lines by 2020 with a view to phasing out the network entirely by 2025.  It has been reported that 25% of businesses are not aware of the need to move to new IP technology.  We have found more than half of the businesses we speak to rely on outdated telephony which could be holding their business back.

What is this old technology?!

Traditional ISDN lines (Integrated Services Digital Network) were introduced by BT in 1986 so is dinosaur like in technology years.  It is simply a standard telephone line that is used to send voice and data.

What will replace the traditional ISDN lines?

Connectivity has advanced rapidly with the introduction of superfast internet connections such as fibre, and this has facilitated the growth of hosted and SIP technologies.  These provide a far superior performance for businesses at a lower cost, than traditional ISDN lines.

What is hosted telephony?   

Hosted telephony relies on a digital network to transmit calls, where as ISDN is transmitted via a physical analogue connection between two phone lines.

Why is hosted telephony better?

Cost: Hosted telephony is often considerably cheaper than traditional ISDN lines, in many cases up to 30% cheaper.  Hosted also benefits from no capital expenditure, free installation, free calls and no maintenance costs.

Drives efficiency:  Enables hot desking, flexible and home working and extends the service to mobile devices. Hunt groups enable calls to be moved between users and offices.

Increased productivity:  Unlike ISDN lines, Hosted telephony provides a wealth of data so you can see when the busiest time of your day is for example, enabling to reallocate resources.  Faults are also quicker to be diagnosed and fixed on hosted resulted on minimal downtime, unlike ISDN.

Scalability: New numbers can easily be added across multiple sites, meaning that your phone system will grow as your business does.

We can help you make this move to hosted telephony, call us today on 0333 200 1528.

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