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SIP Trunking

Enhance your business with SIP Trunking

There has never been a better time to switch from legacy ISDN lines to SIP Trunks.  More price competitive than ever, SIP Trunks provide a highly flexible solution to your business and communication needs. What’s more, with BT Group planning to shut down their ISDN network by 2025, it really is time to consider SIP Trunks for your business.

SIP Trunks can greatly enhance your business’ communications.  It delivers high quality, reliable, digital voice services for your business, without the cost of additional hardware or the need to switch phone systems.  It offers number flexibility, improved business continuity and scalability and you could be paying less than you do currently.

SIP Trunks are compatible with all leading IP PBX brands in the UK market, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your PBX hardware works with the network service.  SIP Trunks are also cheaper on a per channel basis compared to traditional ISDN lines, which are quick and easy to install, free to maintain and offers a robust continuity service ensuring that your business never loses calls.

Our SIP Trunks can also support connections raging from two channels with businesses with small PBX’s to no limit on the number of channels that can be supported for large enterprises and contact centres.  What’s more, within a matter of minutes, you can add as many trunks or numbers to your account as required.  As you can see, the benefits are endless!

Explore the benefits of SIP Trunks

Cost savings

Cheaper calls, no expensive line rental, no capex outlay, free maintenance.


If you need more call handling capacity, more SIP Trunks can be added quickly to your package.

Flexible numbering

For example, allows businesses to work from Cheshire on a London number.

Faster Installation

No physical lines are needed meaning you’ll get connected faster.

Disaster Recovery

Easy to move or divert fixed lines regardless of location.

Connecting people

Connect remote workers and multiple offices.


Connects to the phone network via the same connection as your data services.

Fraud Prevention

Enabling IP based authentication, unique passwords and call barring.

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